Photos of the Harrisburg Incinerator

(Click on a photo for a better view.)

1. A view of the Incinerator site, facing North

2. The electric generator inside the power plant

3. Trash tipping bay - trash is being picked up by crane for the two furnaces.

4. Sorting and compacting trash by bulldozer in the tipping bay (which extends for 30 more feet underground). Note that the bay is full of trash and overflowing.

5. Trash piled high to the ceiling and extending 20 feet down to the tipping floor and 30 feet below that - all awaiting feed into the furnaces.

6. The hallway next to the furnaces. It is full of dust from leaking furnaces, ash handling equipment, etc.

7. The very bottom of the plant under the boilers. This shows a combination of bottom ash that somehow fell out of the furnaces, as well as fly ash that fell out of the electrostatic precipitators (the only pollution control equipment that operates at the plant). The ash is swept up periodically and sent to the next door ash pile along with the rest of the ash. The workers are exposed to this incredible pollution daily, their masks are soon caked with dust and most work without masks as they are too uncomfortable when caked up. Hence this is what they are breathing (cf. also # 6 above).